First steps and my approach to therapy

First step

Potential clients often ring when they are not quite decided whether or not to commence therapy. To assist them in making this decision, I offer them a free 15 minute introductory telephone consultation. This introduction is often helpful in guiding the client’s course of action both with regard to entering therapy and also in selecting the most appropriate therapist.

My approach to therapy

My approach to therapy rests on the three qualities of genuineness, non-judgment and empathy. I, therefore, endeavour to assist clients to recognise that everyone has the potential to manifest their inherent vitality and kindness. In implementing this approach I use a range of psychological interventions, appropriate in each case to the client’s needs. These include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

In a relaxed and confidential setting, clients are invited to outline their issues and ask any questions they may have about the therapy process and my approach to it.

In our first session, I gently explore the client’s issues and any relevant background factors. I then work with the client to identify their goals and priorities and, as appropriate, agree on a treatment program.

I encourage the client to view their commitment to therapy as an investment in and for life.

I set review points to assess progress and reset goals. I provide specially prepared notes and exercises for individuals to enable them to reinforce understanding and learning between sessions.